What is pitchplease ?

PitchPlease is a series of interactive workshops and one on one sessions that help you optimize your pitch deck and delivery to say it right, every time!






“Priscilla has simply the most effective approach to pitching and more importantly to pitch training that I have seen. I find the way she combines the 'science' of it all with the actual 'performance' tips are right on. The whole thing comes together like a virtuoso. I feel like I am watching 'Shark Tank' only in training mode before they go on stage. Kudos all the way. I keep wishing I had tapped into her skills earlier for training!”
- Dr. Bijan Azad, American University of Beirut’s Center for Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship
“Pitching is a principle skill for any successful entrepreneur. Priscilla has been instrumental for Speed@BDD's startups over and over again from content to delivery to body language. She knows it all and has the ability to transform entrepreneurs into stellar presenters.”
- Speed@BDD Accelerator
“Priscilla's energy in her feedback and discussion is indeed inspiring. She is a natural pitching mentor who can adapt very well to the pitched topic and most importantly to the speakers personality. That, in itself, is a unique and essential quality. We thank her for all the constructive criticism she gave us.”
- Rational Pixels Startup
“I was impressed by the “PitchPlease" workshop; I have been in the VC world for over 25 years, and have been teaching about startups for over 15 years, and have never seen such an excellent performance. It beats anything others have offered so far.” 
- Mr. Tarek Kettaneh, Professor of Business at the American University of Beirut
“Priscilla has been a fabulous coach; she's friendly, informative, and encouraging. Really inspiring too. She offered concise and constructive advice based on her own extensive pitching experience. She transformed our pitch deck! Her advice was priceless.”
- BidAffairs Startup

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PitchPlease has already assisted more than 350 startups in their communication techniques.

PitchPlease alumni startups have ranked at the top in international competitions and have been accepted into prestigious acceleration and incubation programs all over the world and they have even raised investment!

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